Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to receive samples?

We inform you that we do not send samples except those provided free of charge to each order on the online store.
We are pleased to inform you that a tasting of tea will be offered when you visit one of our boutiques "tcha-tcha" in France and Japan.

How to prepare your green tea?

To each type of green tea its method of preparation. "Enjoy" page contains the essential information: dosage, time and brewing temperature. To learn more, visit our "Enjoy" page .

I wish to receive information about a product.

To be regularly informed about our novelties, our favorites and special offers, we invite you to subscribe to our mailing-list to receive our newsletter: enter your email address in the field provided for this purpose at the bottom of this page. Do not hesitate to contact us by contact form (see "contact" page).

Our ethical commitment.

Anxious to reduce the impact of its activity on the environment, we has been committed since 2018 to an eco-responsible general approach.

Where can I get soft water?

We do not know the area distribution of soft and hard water on the vast earth.
However, the soft water mineral water that is generally sold includes the following products. But, these are not limited to the following list.

- DEESIDE (UK): 22 mg/L
- Volvic (France): 60 mg/L
- Bernina (Italy): 22 mg/L
- Sant Aniol (Spain): 292 mg/L
- Olden (Norway): 14 mg/L
- Masafi (UAE): 87 mg/L
- Deep (New Zealand): 13 mg/L